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  • Why we’re here

    We’re the Scottish arm of Britain’s largest independent social research agency. For over 10 years we’ve worked for government and charities to find out what people really think about important social issues.

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  • Edinburgh in the morning HOME A new chapter for Scotland?

    Find out which issues will sway voters

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  • WST What Scotland Thinks

    What Scotland Thinks
    provides impartial, current information on public attitudes to Scottish independence.

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    • Saltire Top independence blogs

      Scottish Social Attitudes 2014

      Fantastic data infographics showing attitudes to independence from the NatCen design team.

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    • Scottish shop Top independence blogs

      Gender gap at its widest

      Unsure what independence will mean for Scotland, just 27% of women support breaking away from the union.

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    • Holyrood Top independence blogs

      Independence poll of polls

      We've listened to what our data users want, and today we launch a new 'poll of polls'.

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    • Edinburgh Top independence blogs

      How has research influenced the referendum debate?

      ScotCen's Rachel Ormstons thinks it has, and explains why.

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    • Food stall Top independence blogs

      Is England tiring of its northern neighbour?

      The trend for English support for independence is in reverse.

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    • Man in kilt Top independence blogs

      What does Scotland make of devolution so far?

      Scots feel more involved in how they are governed and think Scotland's voice in the UK is stronger.

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    • Alex Salmond Top independence blogs

      Can the rest of the UK and Scotland get along?

      Whether it's a Yes or a push for devo max, are we going to fall out over the beeb and pound? 

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    • Woman looking at Fringe brochure Top independence blogs

      More devolution?

      The option not on the referendum ballot paper – more devolution – is preferred by a majority of Scots.

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    • Bagpipers Top independence blogs

      At the heart of things

      We explain why the Scottish Social Attitudes survey has come to occupy such an central place in debates about Scotland's future.

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  • Couple sitting on sofa 2 HOME Who is still wavering?

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  • Woman chatting at work HOME Women are less keen on independence. Why?

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  • Boy on back HOME Yes or No? A question of identity, economics or equality?

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  • Crowd with Scot flags HOME Has the referendum campaign made a difference?

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    • Leafleting Our research

      Social & political attitudes

      Our considerable experience of measuring and interpreting social attitudes is best exemplified by our British Social Attitudes survey, set up in 1983.

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    • Taking exams Our research

      Schools, education & training

      We conduct a number of studies relating to education and skills, from evaluations of school-based initiatives, to studies into childcare provision.

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    • Family outside house Our research


      We have substantial experience of conducting large, complex surveys, as well as in-depth, qualitative studies in most areas covered by family policies.

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    • Man handcuffed Our research

      Crime & justice

      Our work spans: victimisation and crime & punishment; the civil justice system; and the organisation of the legal profession.

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    • Muslim ladies Our research

      Equality & diversity

      We have a long tradition and extensive experience of conducting research about social inclusion.

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    • Mother and baby Our research

      Health & wellbeing

      Our research spans general health and lifestyle studies to studies focusing on particular health issues or sections of the population.

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    • Woman working out finances Our research

      Income & work

      Our work in this area includes taking stock of the financial circumstances of the population as a whole, as well as smaller more specific studies.

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